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Jamie Lloyd
22 May 1981
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Name: Jamie Lloyd
Age: 26
Origins: Haddenfield, Illinois
Family: Laurie Strode (Mother) - deceased, Jimmy (Assumed Father) - deceased, Michael Myers (Uncle), Richard Carruthers (Foster Father), Darlene Carruthers (Foster Mother), Rachel Carruthers (Foster Sister) - deceased, John Tate (brother), Stephen Lloyd (Son)

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Jamie Lloyd

Jamie: Whoever you are, I've got a big dog with me, and he bites!

Sheriff Ben Meeker: The National Guard will be here in the morning to take him to a maximum-security facility, where he'll stay until the day he dies.
Jamie Lloyd: He'll never die

Jamie Lloyd: Uncle! Boogeyman. Let me see.
[Michael removes his mask]
Jamie Lloyd: See? You look just like me.
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Disclaimer: Jamie Lloyd is a fictional character from the Halloween movies. I don't own any rights to the character or the movies.I'm also in no way affiliated with Danielle Harris. Though I wish I was. I'm just having fun here. So please don't sue.

Writer's Notes: I'm playing her as if she wasn't killed in 6. I'm also playing an aged version Danielle's version of the character. Because to me Jamie will always be Danielle's version.
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